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Micropiles are deep foundation used when very limited space or headroom is available for execution with conventional pile rigs. These piles are also called as minipiles, pin piles, needle piles and root piles. Micropiles are small diameter bored cast-insitu piles of diameter 150 to 300 mm constructed by rotary drilling machine and grouted using rich grout with fine sand by injection process.

Method Statement of Micropile Installation are:

Fig: Micropiles

The safe vertical load capacities are generally from 25 to 35 MT and lateral (shear) capacities are generally from 2 to 4 MT.

Sequence of Piling for Micropiles:

The piles should be installed in such a sequence that the load carrying capacity of previously installed pile is not reduced. The sequence of piling shall be as per working drawings. In a pile group, the sequence of installation of piles normally be from the centre to the periphery of the group or from one side to that the soil is restrained from the flowing out during operations.
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