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Underwater Soil Sampling- Equipment Types and Applicability

Underwater exploration is commonly required for the structures which are constructed in/under water. The foundations of the structures like bridge piers, pipelines, port structures, and oil well platforms have to be constructed with great caution considering every bit of information ...

8 Factors that Influence the Quality of Undisturbed Soil Sample

Obviously, the quality of undisturbed soil sample is considerably significant. This is because crucial engineering properties for foundation design, such as soil strength, permeability, and compressibility are estimated by testing undisturbed soil samples.There are several factors that influence the quality ...

Boring Methods for Soil Sampling for Soil Investigation

Boring methods are widely used for subsurface investigations to collect samples, in almost all types of soil, for visual inspection or laboratory testing. There are several boring techniques like auger boring, rotary drilling, wash boring, percussion drilling, auger ...

What is a Diaphragm Wall?

Diaphragm wall is a continuous reinforced concrete wall constructed in the ground to support major construction activities like the construction of dams, tunnel approaches, deep basements and enclosures. They act as a retaining wall, support for the underground ...