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Important Shrinkage Parameters in Soil Engineering

The important parameters related to shrinkage limit in soil engineering are shrinkage index, shrinkage limit, volumetric shrinkage, and linear shrinkage. Each parameter is briefly explained in this article. 1. Shrinkage Index ( Is )

What is Soil Suction?

Soil suction is defined as the state of the soil when it is under reduced pressure. It is measured in terms of the height of the water column (h) suspended in the soil. The main ...

How to Measure Soil Suction?

The suction in soil mass can be measured mainly by three methods namely Tensiometer method, Suction Plate method and Centrifuge Method. Each method is briefly explained below. 1. Tensiometer Method The figure-1 ...

5 Basic Volumetric Relationships in Soil Engineering

The five important volumetric relationships used in soil engineering are void ratio, porosity, percentage air voids, degree of saturation and air content. Each relation is mentioned and explained briefly in this article. 1. Void ...

Determination of Relative Density of Soil

Relative density is defined as the ratio of difference of void ratios of cohesionless soil in its loosest state and the natural state (emax - e) to the difference between void ratio in its loosest and densest state ...