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Flow Net – Properties and Applications

A Flow net is a graphical representation of flow of water through a soil mass. It is a curvilinear net formed by the combination of flow lines and equipotential lines. Properties and application of flow net are explained in this article.

Permeability of Stratified Soil Deposits

Stratification of soil is nothing but the arrangement of the different layers of soil based on similar properties. In general, natural soil deposits are formed in a stratified manner. The permeability of stratified soils or layered soils is ...

Compaction vs. Consolidation of Soils

Both Compaction and consolidation are responsible to cause a reduction in the volume of soil which is due to the compressibility characteristics of the soil. The differences between these two are tabulated below.Differences between ...

Field Density of Soil by Rubber Balloon Method

Rubber balloon test method is an in-situ test conducted to determine field density of soils especially compacted soils. Apparatus required, test procedure and calculations of rubber balloon method are explained in this article.Field Density of Soil ...

Types of Slope Failures

An earth Slope or soil slope is an inclined surface of soil mass which can be either natural or man-made. Different types of slope failures and shape ...

Wet, Moist and Damp Subgrade – Differences

Wet, moist and damp subgrade are classified based on its water content. Varying water content affects the performance of subgrades hugely, therefore, it becomes important to study the behaviour of subgrade under different conditions. In this ...

Foundation Drain – Components, Working and Design

Foundation drain is an exterior drainage system installed on the outer face of the foundation wall and near the wall footing, covered with a layer of gravel, serving the purpose of draining out excess water seeping into the ...