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TO DETERMINE THE PERMEABILITY OF A SOIL SPECIMEN BY THE VARIABLE HEAD PERMEAMETER Theory: The variable head permeameter is used to measure the permeability of relatively less pervious soils. The coefficient of permeability is given by

Determination of Shrinkage Limit of Remoulded Soil

The shrinkage limit of soil is the water content of the soil when the water is just sufficient to fill all the pores of the soil and the soil is just saturated. The volume of the soil does not decrease ...

Determination of Plastic Limit of Soil

What is plastic limit of soil? The plastic limit of a soil is the moisture content at which soil begins to behave as a plastic material. At this water content (plastic limit), the soil will crumble when rolled into threads of ...

Soil Particle Size Distribution by Hydrometer Method

Hydrometer method is used to determine the particle size distribution of fine-grained soils passing 75 µ sieve. The hydrometer measures the specific gravity of the soil suspension at the center of its bulb. The specific gravity depends upon the mass of ...