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Role of Design Engineer in Geotechnical Investigations

Role of design engineer in geotechnical investigation

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Structural Design Engineer play an important role not only in making a structure safe structurally, but also by ensuring that the site where the construction has to be carried out is safe for the given structure. It becomes very much essential for a geotechnical investigation to know the type of structure, surroundings of the proposed structures and factors which may influence the type of geotechnical investigations to be carried out. For a detailed geotechnical investigation, it is necessary to carry out the preliminary investigation to know about the soil types, its properties and its estimated bearing capacity. When the sufficient information about soil bearing capacity is not known, or the structure requires a detailed investigation of the soil, then geotechnical investigations are carried out. It is always recommended to perform appropriate and accurate soil investigations to reduce the risks and failures. In this article, the role that design engineer need to play in the geotechnical investigation will be discussed.

Fig.1: Geotechnical investigation

Role of Design Engineer in Geotechnical Investigations

Design engineer shall provide the following technical information to geotechnical consultant for the geotechnical investigation: 1. The design engineer is required to provide the proposed facility and existing facilities in the vicinity. 2. Elevations of the proposed structure and existing structure or facilities. 3. More information about existing facilities are as follows:

Fig.2: types of structure

Fig. 3: Vibration sensitivity

Fig. 4: Underground utilities

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