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Different Types of Machine Foundations and their Uses

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Machine foundations are special types of foundations required for machines, machine tools and heavy equipments which have wide range of speeds, loads and operating conditions. These foundations are designed considering the shocks and vibrations (dynamic forces) resulting from operation of machines. Following are the types of machine foundations generally used: 1. Block Type Machine Foundation: Following figure shows block type machine foundation. This type of foundation consists of a pedestal resting on a footing have has large mass and a small natural frequency.

2. Box or Caisson Type Machine Foundation:

Box type foundation consists of a hollow concrete block as shown in figure below. The mass of this foundation is less than block type machine foundation as it is hollow. The natural frequency of the box type machine foundation is increased.

3. Wall Type Machine Foundation:

This type of machine foundation consists of a pair of walls with a slab resting on top. This type of foundation is constructed of homogeneous materials. It is used for small machines and the machine is rested on the top slab.

4. Framed Type Machine Foundation:

This type of machine foundation consists of vertical columns with horizontal frame at their tops. It is used for larger machines. The machines are rested on the top of frames. The vertical and horizontal members of this foundation can be constructed by different materials.

5. Non-Rigid or Flexible type of Machine Foundation Following figure shows the non-rigid or flexible foundation.

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