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How to Conduct a Field Test of Cement at the Site?

Cement for Screed Floor

Fig. 1: Cement for Screed Floor

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There are several tests for cement that can be carried out at the construction site such as color test, rubbing test, floating test, etc. These tests are indicative of the quality of cement to be used for concrete works.

Following are the field tests used for minor construction works:

  1. Firstly, open the cement bag and take a good look at the cement. Make sure that there should not be any visible lump present inside the cement bag. The color of cement should be greenish-grey.
  2. Upon thrusting your hand into the cement bag you must receive a cool feeling. Take a pinch of cement and feel it in between your two fingers. You should get a very smooth and not a gritty feeling.
  3. Take one hand full of cement and immediately put it in a bucket full of water. Cement particles should float on the surface of the water before sinking. 
  4. Take 100 gm of cement sample and a small quantity of water, and make a considerably stiff paste. Pat a cake with the help of a sharp edge tool and place it gradually inside the bucket. Make sure that the cement cake is not disturbed while taking it down to the bottom of the bucket. After 24 hours, the cement cake should retain its original shape, and at the same time, it should also set and attain some strength.
Test on Cement at Construction Site
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