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10-Story Building in China Built in Just 28 Hours | Video Inside

Chinese modular building

Chinese modular building

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China-based manufacturing company, Broad Group, has constructed a 10-story steel apartment in the city of Changsha in China within a duration of just 28 hours and 45 minutes.

The company used bolt-together modular units known as the “living building” system. The system uses components that can be fitted into a standard shipping container and then be bolted together at the construction site. The wiring and ductwork are factory-fitted.

The feat was achieved with the help of three cranes and an on-site workforce.

The company used its B-Core steel slabs for structural elements, which it says are 10-times lighter and 100-times stronger than conventional slabs. They can also withstand earthquakes and typhoons while costing less than a carbon steel building and consuming less energy.

Broad Group claims that the same modules can be used to construct buildings of up to 200 stories due to the B-Core steel slabs’ strength and lightness.

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