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Dance of Light: One of the World’s Most Twisted Tower

Dance of Light, China

Dance of Light, China

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China has achieved yet another architectural feat by unveiling one of the world's most twisted towers called the 'Dance of Light.’

Image Courtesy: Arch-Exist

Located in the Xingfu Plaza in the Jiangbei district of Chongqing (a megacity in the interior of western China) and designed by the architectural firm Aedas, the 180-meter skyscraper has a "twisting angle" of up to 8.8 degrees per floor, which is about 1.5 times more than other similar twisted towers.

Currently, the world's tallest twisted tower is the Shanghai Tower in China, with a height of 632 meters.

Echoing the shape of the northern lights, Dance of Light utilizes the simple and elegant form of double-curved facades to give the impression that the building is being twisted.

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Each component of the 39-storey building has been inspired by stars and other celestial phenomena.

The vertical lines on the tower highlight the minimalistic form of architecture, and with the help of reflection and refraction from the glass, create a design statement that celebrates light as the major tool in architecture.

Inspired by the dancing aurora, impressive facade design is introduced through bottom-to-top connections between the northern and eastern sides.

With sunrise, the curved facade shines, and at night, the curved facade showcases the reflection of twinkling lights that allude to the dancing figure of a ballerina.

The dais of the roof extends a coherent statement of sliding twist from top to bottom, echoing the geometry of the tower and maintaining a consistent architectural style.

As reported by Dezeen, Aedas Global Design Principal Ken Wai said, “the idea behind the Dance of Light was to celebrate the achievement—adoption of technology by Chongqing city."

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