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Eco-Friendly Blocks for New Jersey Shoreline Project

Econcrete blocks

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Technology company, EConcrete, is carrying out the installation of "marine mattresses" made up of concrete blocks at a shoreline in New Jersey, US.

The company has collaborated with the Seaview at Shark River Island Homeowners' Association, American Littoral Society and Neptune Township for the project.

The project will involve the installation of 42 blocks that have been designed for preventing erosion and enabling the regeneration of marine ecosystems to stabilize the shoreline at Shark River Island.

The project at Shark River Island in New Jersey will benefit approximately 200 houses at the site.

The project aims to stabilize the eroding shoreline, reduce flood risk, protect critical infrastructure and expand marsh buffer. The full-scale installation is being undertaken following a two-year pilot project approved by federal and regulatory authorities.

The concrete mattresses will be combined with two flooding and erosion control structures, a nearshore sill and an upland berm to dissipate wave energy and protect the nearby marshland.

The construction began in July 2021 and will be completed by August 2021. Following completion, the site will be under post-installation monitoring for some years to assess the performance of the overall project.

The results from the evaluation will be helpful in deciding the future use of nature-based infrastructure measures in the region.

Econcrete's products aim to replace intrusive concrete structures with less invasive ones that blend in with the marine habitat. These products are based on biomimicry to produce bio-enhancing materials that provide a practical, scalable, environmentally sensitive solution for the marine ecology.

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