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A Unique Inward-Facing House Built in Bangkok



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The concept of inward-facing structures involves a defensive posture design without compromising on the ventilation and airflow requirements.

Figure-1: The facade is mostly windowless with openings facing inwards
Image Credits: Dezeen,Wison Tungthunya and Kittipong Bumrungchaokasem

The defensive posture of the structure helps isolate the space from exterior urban noises and a busy environment. It can be in any shape or form based on the site conditions or design.

A four-story inward-facing home has been constructed in Sathorn, Bangkok, a location with severe noise levels and traffic flow. The house is owned and created by Thai architect, Kuanchanok Pakavaleetorn.

To make the best of the busy and polluted urban setting, Pakavaleetorn designed the structure to give it a defensive fortress-like posture. The building is arranged around an atrium so that the windows face inwards rather than outwards.


1. The building facade does not have windows and openings. But it has sliced openings to encourage the breeze to flow through. The building also has vertical slits concealed within the eastern facade.

Figure-2: Building facade with sliced openings.
Image Credits: Dezeen,Wison Tungthunya and Kittipong Bumrungchaokasem

2. The building primarily utilizes concrete masonry.

3. The building integrates rectilinear and curving elements, giving a solid aesthetic look on one side and a smooth ribbon look on the other side.

4. The building has three openings; one in south elevation, one that wraps the southeast corner, and one within the roof.

5. All the windows are positioned at precise angles to maximize wind flow and for specific views. 

Figure-3: Image Credits: Dezeen,Wison Tungthunya and Kittipong Bumrungchaokasem

7. To ensure plenty of natural light inside, large windows are positioned within the atrium line with openings.

8. The ground floor contains a home office and a gym, while the living room and kitchen are located on the first floor. In addition, the building includes three bedrooms on the second and third floors. 

9. The building has also incorporated textured coating for exposed concrete surfaces, natural wood veneers, and aluminum windows.

10. A mezzanine library accessed via a spiral staircase is another attractive feature of this building.

Figure-4: Living room with mezzanine library
Image Credits: Dezeen,Wison Tungthunya and Kittipong Bumrungchaokasem

The design is an innovative approach to build structures in urban areas that are highly populated with severe noise pollution and there is no other alternative. 

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