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Steinway Tower: World’s Thinnest Skyscraper

Steinway Tower

Steinway Tower

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Steinway Tower, the world's skinniest skyscraper, has opened for its first residents in the city of Manhattan.

Standing tall at 1,428 feet, Steinway Tower, also known as 111 West 57th Street, is one of the tallest buildings in the western hemisphere, next to the World Trade Center (1,776 ft) and Central Park Tower (1,550 ft) in New York.

Steinway Tower
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With a height to width ratio of 24:1, the building has been characterized as part of a new breed of New York city's "pencil towers." With a width of 28.5 meters, the 432 Park Avenue skyscraper in New York comes close to the Steinway Tower.

The supertall tower is an addition to Steinway Hall, a historic 1925 building that served as a concert hall and the former headquarters of the company Steinway and Sons.

The site has since been converted into luxury residences that connect to the super-slender tower.

Construction of the tower began in 2013 and was completed in 2021 amid many controversies and incidents.

The tower is designed by New York architecture firm SHop Architects and built by JDS Development, Property Markets Group and Spruce Capital Partners. It contains 60 luxury condominiums: 14 in Steinway Hall and 46 in the tower.

Drawing inspiration from "the golden age of the Manhattan skyscraper" and New York's Art Deco history, the main goal of the architects was to give a new definition to the city's skyline while honoring its history.

The tower's facade, which is mainly glass, was designed by BuroHappold, and it includes blocks of terracotta, a material that appears to change color and texture when seen in different lights and from different angles.

The top of the tower consists of an 800-short-ton tuned mass damper (harmonic absorber or seismic damper) to provide stability against high winds and earthquakes.

The 84-story tower offers an all-around panoramic view for all the 60 apartments. The first five floors of the tower comprise shops and recreation spaces, including an 82ft swimming pool, private dining room, and double-height fitness center.

Residential Units in Steinway Tower
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The units are mostly three-bedroom apartments, each occupying one full floor, except for seven duplex units on floors 60-61 and 72-83, with each having between two and four bedrooms.

According to Business Insider, each three-bedroom unit has its own private elevator entrance and spans 4,500 square feet of living space.

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