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Supertall Octagonal Skyscraper to Adorn Chinese Skyline

Nanjing Nexus

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German architecture firm, Bulo Ole Scheeren, unveiled its plans for the supertall skyscraper 'Nanjing Nexus' in China.

Illustrating the fusion of history and tradition with contemporary architecture, Nanjing Nexus will be located in a burgeoning new district near the Yangtze River in the financial district of China's Nanjing city.

Image Courtesy: Büro Ole Scheeren

Standing tall at a height of 350 m (1,148 ft), the building is predicted to be placed somewhere around number 75 in the official Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH) Top 100 worldwide rankings.

The architectural form of Nanjing Nexus shifts from the typical rectangular tower by trimming its shaft into an octagon and carving each facet into a concave bay.

The eight bays will be clad in diamond-shaped glazing broken by large openings described as "urban windows." 

The "urban windows" will have balconies with a variety of plants and shrubbery resembling the gardens and pavilions typically found in the Jiangsu province.

Image Courtesy: Büro Ole Scheeren

The octagonal form of Nanjing Nexus depicts highly efficient floor plans and clearly structured programming.

Office spaces will be zoned into four standardized rectangular Work Clusters, complemented by four diagonally rotated interactive Innovation Bays.

The top of the tower will include a hotel with multi-directional views and a spectacular roof terrace with a pool deck, restaurant, and gardens at a height of 350 meters above the city.

Next to Nanjing Nexus will be a 100-meter-tall satellite tower that is conceived as a small-scale version of the tower.

Image Courtesy: Büro Ole Scheeren

The concave surfaces of the three-dimensionally textured facade are designed to optimize the building's solar performance and reduce structural wind loads while reflecting light in reminiscence of the sparkles and ripples of the Yangtze River's waves.

Based on the concept of merging local tradition and culture with a vision for the future, Nanjing Nexus will serve as a new landmark in Nanjing's new Jiangbei District.

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