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Metacentric Height of a Floating Body

The laboratory procedure to find out the metacentric height of a floating body on water is briefly explained in this article.A point about which a floating body tries to oscillate is called the

Experimental Verification of Bernoulli’s Theorem

The procedure of Laboratory experiment to verify Bernoulli’s theorem, required apparatus and calculations to be done are explained in this article.Bernoulli’s theorem states - For a continuous, steady and frictionless flow the total head ...

Compaction vs. Consolidation of Soils

Both Compaction and consolidation are responsible to cause a reduction in the volume of soil which is due to the compressibility characteristics of the soil. The differences between these two are tabulated below.Differences between ...

Bond Beam Block vs. Lintel Block Differences

Bond beam blocks and lintel blocks are concrete units which are used especially for masonry purposes. The differences between both bond beam block and lintel block in terms of their usage, shape, functions etc. are explained in this ...

How to Build an Indoor Fireplace?

An indoor structure built using bricks, stone and metal designed to hold or contain fire in it is known as Fireplace. The main purpose of constructing ...

Parapet Walls – Types and Uses

A parapet wall is a low or dwarf wall built along the edge of the roof, terrace, walkway, balcony etc. Parapet walls can be constructed using different materials like reinforced cement concrete, steel, aluminium, glass etc. Different types ...