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Role of a Civil Engineer on a Construction Site

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Site Work vs Office Work

A civil engineer in the construction field plays various roles. As a construction engineer, he or she can play the role of a field engineer or site engineer. Field Engineer is typically based in the site office while a site engineer spends most of the time supervising the site operations. On a large project and in an EPC (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction) environment you will come across engineers earmarked to play such roles. In the Middle East and western world site engineer also play the role of Construction Superintendent.

When you work on major projects with top multinational companies you come across various departments making up the project team. These departments include but not limited to Field Engineering, Construction, Safety, QA, QC, Contracts, Project Controls, Interface and Field Procurement.

Difference between Field and Site Engineer

Civil Field Engineer plays a role of cushion between site engineer and design engineer or engineering, as such he or she visits the site quite often to interact with the site for inspections, resolving technical issues, material approvals, and interpret drawings and specifications.

On the other hand, a Site Engineer is responsible for safety, execution, supervision, progress including handling of equipment, labor and materials.

Having provided a glimpse of the construction sector in my earlier article, the focus of this article is on important tasks that you will be asked to undertake as a Civil Field Engineer.

(Picture showing how pile cages are stored off the ground to avoid contamination)

List of Roles and Responsibilities:

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