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What are Eco-Friendly Building Materials used in Construction?

Today many people that are building or remodeling their houses choose to use eco-friendly building materials. An eco-friendly building material is one that increases the efficiency of energy used and reduces impact on human well-being and the environment. There are many ...

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How does Aggregate Properties Affect Concrete?

Coarse aggregates have properties such as size, shape, moisture contents, specific gravity, density etc. which affects concrete strength and durability in many ways. These effect of aggregate properties on concrete are discussed in detail. Concrete is a mixture of cementitious material, ...

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Types of Construction Cost Estimates Construction cost constitutes only a fraction, though a substantial fraction, of the total project cost. However, it is the part of the cost under the control of ...

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What are Different Chemical Tests on Concrete Structures?

Chemical analysis of concrete can provide extremely useful information regarding the causes of failure of concrete. The tests most frequently carried out chemical tests on concrete structures are:Depth of carbonation Chloride content Cement content Sulphate content Type of cement Alkali contentCarbonation Test on Concrete Structures This test ...

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STANDARD PENETRATION TEST The standard penetration test is the most commonly used in-situ test, especially for cohesionless soils which can not be easily sampled. The test is extremely useful for determining the relative density and the angle of shearing resistance of ...

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If the roof, the gutter, the first rain separator and the filter is kept clean, the collected rainwater will be crystal clear. This is an indication that good maintenance is being followed. If the water is however dirty in color ...

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