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7-Day Challenge for Civil Engineers

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Hello & Welcome,

Welcome to TheConstructor VIP. Our intention is not just to give you better information on civil engineering and construction, but also to make you successful in whatever you do.

Whether you are a student, an employee, a professional, or a businessperson, everyone has the desire to succeed and attain something that is beyond their limits right now.

You know, our success is 90% of what we do and only 10% is our knowledge. So, the knowledge that you get from your degree, colleges, books, training, classes, seminars, webinars, or anywhere else, it just gets stored in your brain, but it is never used and forgotten. So, going after learning more and more things never works unless we use them.  

Science of Being Successful

There is a science to be successful. If you notice successful people around, you will find that they do the same thing that you are doing, but you are not as successful as they are. Because successful people do not do certain things, but they do in certain ways.

Your success depends on what you desire or want to achieve and for that you need to have a goal. Do you have a goal? If yes, then write down that goal in this worksheet.

What are your goals?

If you are a student, your goal can be improvement in your examination, learning some subjects, or to top your class or college.

For an employee, goals can be performing best for the company and getting promoted easily or to start their own business or a company.

If you are a businessperson or self-employed professionals, your goal can be to increase the turnover and profits.

How goals are achieved?

There are certain laws of the universe and they are very precise and they never fail. If you work in harmony with these laws, you are certain to reach your goals.

Also, achieving your goals depends on your habits and your mindset. These habits are actually caused by paradigms, which are called as mental programming. Paradigms control almost all our behaviors, habits, perception, and actions.

Every individual has different paradigms or programming of the mind. The paradigms are formed in our minds from our childhood and the same is carried with us till death until they are changed.

To escape prison, you must first know that you are in it.

But how will you know that you have got paradigms which are affecting your success and you are not able to do things which you want to do? This can be done through our videos and worksheets.

Our Training for VIP Members includes following topics:

  1. What are paradigms?
  2. How paradigms affect our decision making?
  3. How to change Paradigms to achieve success?
  4. How to set goals?
  5. How to start your day?
  6. How to avoid procrastination?
  7.  How to make decisions?
  8.  How to be persistent?
  9. Laws of the Universe and How to use them to become successful?
  10. What is visioneering and how to get success through visioneering?
  11. What are self-image and attitude? How to change attitudes to become successful?

Each lesson has the worksheet and while you work on the worksheet, you will start to change your paradigms, understand the laws, start to get ideas, you will know how to do what need to be done to achieve your gaols.

7 Days Challenge for Your Self Improvement

Take the 7 Days challenge and complete the worksheet for 7 days continuously, and you will understand the benefit it has on you and the insights you gain about yourself. Now you will realize how much you can improve yourself if you just follow this worksheet daily.

If you consider our complete training, this worksheet is just 10% of it, 90% of the actual factors which will improve your results like in other topics and worksheet and the most important is knowing about your paradigms and habits and then getting the ways to change them.

If you keep doing the same things again and again, you will get the same results again and again.

So, for getting a different results, you will need to change the way you do your work, you need to change your habits and our trainings will help you to change your habits, one or two at a time and then after few months only, you will be at a different level of success.

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“It is the start that stops most people.”

Don Shula

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Who can Take this Challenge?

This worksheet can be used by anyone who wants to achieve their goals, want to improve their results, and wants to remove the fear of something they think they cannot do. This worksheet can be used by:

  1. Students
  2. Employees
  3. Professionals
  4. Businesspersons

What to do in this challenge?

Use this worksheet to write your goals. Write your activities as per instructions and for the seven days, monitor your progress, you will certainly notice improvement in your productivity, mindset, and confidence about your goal.

How to set goals for this challenge?

You can set any goal you want to achieve. For example, lets say, if you are weak in any subject or if you have any fear of doing certain work or you believe that you can not do certain work in your professional or student life, then take that challenge, and then use this worksheet to workout solution for your challenge.

I am very much sure that after using this worksheet for your work that you never liked to do, but was important for you, now you will understand that you can actually do this very easily.

Is it tough?

If you believe that it is a tough job to write worksheet every day, then let me tell you that either you do not love yourself, or do not have any goals. On the first day it may make you feel that, because you have never given thought on yourself, never tried to understand what you want.

Once you know what you want, you will love to work on this worksheet. So, do not stop, just keep working and you will see the results.


Now monitor your progress and every day, you will absolutely find improvements in your results as each day pass when you follow this worksheet.

How Long Can I Use this Worksheet?

You can use this worksheet to practice daily for as long as you want or goals are achieved. But, let me tell you that there are even more in this training and subscribe to our VIP Plans and get full benefits. Get the success you thought you cannot achieve.

Get Full Value Benefit – Get VIP

If you find the benefit of just this worksheet, then I am sure, the rest of the training will blow you away. It will make you reach wherever you want to be, whatever you want to achieve.

If you think that you want the whole training session and start from the basics, then signup for our VIP Membership Subscription now before the price increases.

Disclaimer: This worksheet can not produce any results, but you can produce your results by working on this worksheet. So, start working now.

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