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8 Causes of Premature Failure of Repaired Concrete Structures

8 Causes of Premature Failure of repaired concrete structures

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The performance of the repaired concrete structure is often not up to the mark. This is because repaired concrete structures prematurely fail irrespective of developments and enhancements in repair materials and techniques. As a result, the repair work leads to waste of time and money.

Several researches have been conducted to specify causes of premature ­­­failure in repaired concrete. For instance, the wrong diagnose of defect causes, inappropriate selection of repair materials, poor workmanship, failure to remove defected concrete etc.

What are the Causes of Premature Failure of Repaired Concrete Structures?

  1. Specify or diagnose the cause of damage of concrete structure wrongly.
  2. Improper selection of repair materials.
  3. Poor workmanship is another factor that causes premature failure repaired concrete. For instance, poor placement of repair materials.
  4. Proper surface preparation is key to making sure concrete repairs last. So, failure to prepare, remove, and clean deteriorated concrete area properly, Fig. 1.
  5. Damage of concrete close to the defected due to the utilization of heavy equipment.
  6. Cutting of steel bars and insufficient splicing of steel reinforcements.
  7. Insufficient transfer of loads.
  8. Poor practices of placement of repair materials. Inappropriate preparation of concrete base surface.
Fig. 1: Proper Versus Improper Surface Preparation

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