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Installing Windows in Concrete Wall

Installing Windows in Concrete Wall

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Installing windows in concrete wall is sometimes required when the function of certain spaces is varied or lights are required in garages or basements. It is necessary to conduct the work properly and according to the applicable codes in addition to consult structural engineer to ensure proper transfer of loads above the window during making opening, construction of lintels, and window installations.

By and large, the process of installing window in concrete wall involves specifying boundary of the window on the wall, placing L- shape steel or constructing reinforced concrete beam as a lintel, making an opening inside specified boundary, smooth edge of the opening, placement of windows, and finally placement of water proving agent around the frame of the window.

Procedure for Installing Windows in Brick Masonry Wall

Making Opening

  1. Before making opening it is necessary to examine that the wall exclusive of opening is adequate to take the load coming on the structure.
  2. Check for obstacles such as buried utilities, shrubbery, indoor wiring and ductwork. The more stuff you have to move or work around, the more complex, time-consuming and expensive the project becomes.
  3. All the structural members supported on the walls which have direct bearing over the area in which opening is to be made, shall be properly supported with props to relieve the load from masonry wall till the lintel over the opening is strong enough to take the load.
  4. The portion to be dismantled may be clearly marked on both sides of the wall.
  5. Dismantling shall be carried out from top to bottom within the marked area.
  6. The sides of the opening shall be parallel and perpendicular to the plane of wall.

Construction of Lintel

  1. The lintel shall be invariably cast first in the opening made for the purpose.
  2. One side of the shuttering shall be kept open in the beginning till the concrete is laid.
  3. The shuttering shall then be fixed for half of the opening and concreting completed.
  4. Curing of lintel casted shall be done for a minimum period of 7 days.
  5. Sometimes, L-shaped steel beam may be enough to be used as a lintel.

Installing Window

  1. Build a wood casing screwed to the concrete opening.
  2. Frame the bottom shelf with an angle so that the water striking the window will run away from it.
  3. Flash the entire wood casing using the proper primer.
  4. Install window in the flashed opening and leave adequate space all around the window for insulation.
  5. Fill that space with low expansion polyurethane spray foam.
  6. In a concrete wall without wood framing, install the window framework by fastening it into the concrete wall with self-tapping concrete screws.
  7. For a block wall installation, fasten with rust-resistant screws using a toe-nail method through the jambs into the head and sill boards at each corner.
  8. Lower the window into the framed opening, inserting the bottom window edge first, then tipping in the top.
  9. Shim the window from both the interior and exterior sides until it is level, square, and flush with the exterior side of the basement wall. Take care not to damage the window with excessive shim pressure.
  10. Apply expanding foam to the window frame gap created by the shims. Allow the foam to cure for at least one hour before trimming the excess.
  11. Apply sealant around the window frame joint on both the exterior and interior sides.
Fig. 1: Installing Windows in Concrete Wall
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