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List of Indian Standard Codes on Reinforcement


List of IS codes for Reinforcement

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Indian Standard Codes on Reinforcement Details

Below enlisted are the IS codes that is recommended for reinforcement detailing and guidance.
  1. IS:432- 1982: Mild steel & medium tensile steel bars and hard drawn steel wires for concrete reinforcement : Part-II -Hard drawn steel wire.
  2. IS:1786-2008:Specification for High strength deformed steel bars and wires for concrete reinforcement.
  3. IS:2502-1963:  Code of practice for bending & fixing of bars for concrete reinforcement.
  4. IS:2751 -1998:  Recommended practice for welding of mild steel plain  & deformed bars for reinforced construction.
  5. IS:5525 -1969:  Recommendation for detailing of reinforcement in reinforced concrete works.
  6. IS:9077 -1979:  Code of practice for corrosion protection of steel reinforcement in RB & RCC construction.
  7. SP:34 -1987: Handbook on concrete reinforcement detailing.
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