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Splitting Tensile Strength of Cylindrical Concrete specimen

The tensile strength of concrete is one of the basic and important properties which greatly affect the extent and size of cracking in structures.Moreover, the concrete is very weak in tension due to its brittle nature. Hence. it is not expected to ...

Chezy’s Constant and Manning’s Coefficient for Open Channels

OBJECTIVE:i. To find Chezy’s constant for open channels.ii. To find Manning’s Roughness coefficient for the given open channel.iii. To draw the following graphs for two different slopes of channel.iv. Chezy’s constant C vs. Reynolds number.v. Manning’s coefficient n vs. Reynolds ...


OBJECTIVE: (i) To determine the hydraulic coefficients, coefficient of discharge (Cd) coefficient velocity ( Cv) and coefficient contraction (Cc) of the given orifice fitted on a tank. (ii) To draw the graph Cd vs Hw. ...

Determination of Darcy’s and Chezy’s Constant for Pipe Flow

OBJECTIVE: i. To determine the Darcy’s and Chezy’s constant for the given pipes, ii. To plot the following graph:Darcy’s constant ‘f’ vs Reynold’s number. Chezy’s constant ‘C’ vs Reynold’s numberEQUIPMENT:a) Pipes of 15, 20, 25 and 32 mm diameters ‘D’ ...