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Post Tensioning Technique for Rehabilitation of Structures

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Post Tensioning In Rehabilitation Of Structures

Post tensioning has become very popular these days sensing the advantages it provides. Even small structures of G+2 are using post tensioning these days. The application of post tensioning has increased and it is well being used for restoration, rehabilitation and strengthening of structures. Here is a case study which uses post tensioning to remove the alternate interior columns. The case is of a building which was constructed for residential purpose and later thought to remodeled as a commercial building. But the span between 8 columns was just 4m, which was not suitable for the purpose. So, alternate columns had to be removed. For this to happen, there were following options: 1. Provide 8m long structural steal beam below the existing beam. But this option was rejected as the steel beam was affecting the head room in the floor. 2. Encase the beams by concrete. But this option was also not suitable as it was making beam heavier with high volume of reinforcing steel. This option was also affecting the head room and was too costly. So the engineers decided to go for EXTERNAL POST TENSIONING TECHNIQUE was used successfully for this case. In a row of 8 columns, 3 columns were to be removed. The beams connecting these columns were encased with 75mm thick micro concrete. The figure below shows the system adopted for this technique. This figure is only for removal of one column, but continuity was maintained for all 3 alternate columns.

Figure 1: Removal of column using external post tensioning technique

Figure 2: Section 1 – 1

Figure3: Section 2 – 2

Figure 4: Column removed using post tensioning technique

The following procedure was adopted to remove the column:

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