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How Stresses are Transferred from R.C. Columns to Footings?

How stresses are transferred from reinforced concrete column to footings

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A proper understanding of the transfer of stresses(generated due to applied loads) from columns to the footings or piles is crucial for the design of sound footings. Factored forces and moments at the base of columns are transferred to the supporting foundations by bearing on concrete and by the extension of longitudinal reinforcement into the footing or provision of dowels. Either technique should be executed based on the specifications of the applicable design codes such as ACI 318-14. The detailing of reinforcement shall be executed adequately for proper distribution of stresses to footings and then further over the underlying soil layer.

How Stresses are Transferred from Columns to Footings?

1. Extending the Longitudinal Steel into the Footing

2. Dowel

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