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Methods of Excavation Used for Deep Foundation Construction

There are number of excavation methods which are used for deep foundation construction such as full open cut method, bracing excavation, anchored excavation, island...

What are the Causes of Failure in Deep Excavations?

There are various factors that may lead to failure in deep excavations. Those factors will be discussed briefly. Causes of Failure in Deep Excavations Causes of...

Methods of Groundwater Control in Excavations at Construction Sites

Groundwater causes extreme problems in excavations such as sand running for most of construction projects. Methods of groundwater control in excavation is discussed.
Methods of Dewatering Excavations at Construction Site

Methods of Dewatering Excavations at Construction Site

Dewatering of excavations are required at construction sites generally for foundation works. Various methods for dewatering of excavations are described.


Quality control of concrete starts with inspection of concrete during pre-placement, during placement and post-placement. Type of inspection of concrete depends on type of...

Proper Methods for Placing Concrete

Concrete placement is an important process in the construction that determine the success of the structure and its life. Technical and environmental conditions are...


Poor construction methods and workmanship is responsible for the failure of buildings and structure. The poor construction methods and workmanship is caused due to...

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