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Brick Masonry Construction Tips for Quality and Durability

Special care is required during the construction with brick masonry. These tips for brick masonry with quality construction is discussed in this article. Brick Masonry Construction Tips Following are the tips for construction of brick masonry buildings or structures:1. Good brick masonry ...


Concrete Foundation Construction Work Procedure at Site The purpose of this guide is to ensure that all the concrete foundation / plinth are constructed properly and according to standards and requirements. Base Preparation Before casting concrete the soil sub-grade shall be compacted and ...

Cold Joint in Concrete and Methods of Treatment

A cold joint is an advancing face of a concrete pour, which could not be covered by fresh concrete before concrete has begin to set due to stoppage, delay or low rate of pour placement. The fresh concrete can not ...

Construction of Mosaic Flooring

For the construction of a mosaic flooring, a concrete base is prepared and over it lime surkhi mortar is spread to a depth of 5 to 8 cm and leveled.The area over which this is spread is restricted to a ...


Terrazzo flooring consists of (1) Concrete bed, (2) Mortar bed, 1 cm of cement mortar (cement sand mixture 1:3), (3) Metal strips, (4) Marble cheeps 3 to 6mm.


The concrete flooring can be constructed either (i) Monolithically i.e. base layer is laid and then immediately a concrete topping is provided. (ii) Non –Monolithically i.e. the topping is laid after the base has set. Below is ...