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Influence Line Analysis Method – Tabulated Technique

Influence line represents the variation of either the reaction, shear, moment, or deflection at a specific point in a member, as a concentrated force moves over the member. Influence lines are important for the design of a structure ...

Analysis Methods for Buildings Frames

Building frames can be analyzed by various methods such as force method, displacement method, and approximate method. The method of analysis to adopt depends upon the types of frame, its configuration (portal bay or multi-bay) in multi-storied frame ...

What is Tributary Area in Columns?

Tributary area is the area surrounding the column that is bounded by a panel centerline. In order to calculate the forces and static loads transferred from floor slabs ...

Modulus of Rupture of Concrete Beam

Modulus of rupture is a measure of the tensile strength of concrete beams or slabs. Flexural strength identifies the amount of stress and force an unreinforced concrete slab, beam or other structure can withstand such that it resists any bending ...