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Cantilever Analogy for Tall Buildings:

In many ways a tall building can be analogous to a cantilever. As we know, a cantilever undergoes bending and shear forces when subjected to a load. A similar effect occurs in tall buildings.

If this building were a cantilever, how would we design against bending and shear deflection?

With cantilevers, designers generally have to contend with downward point or UDL loads. Wind loading on a building is rarely uniform but can be likened to a UDL load. This scenario would cause the formation of tension and compression zones.

With a cantilever, this problem is resolved using reinforcement bars.

The large bars at the top will help to reduce the tensional forces, and the smaller bars at the bottom aid shear resistance.

With cantilevers, where the loading will occur and consequently design it appropriately. A tall building is different in that the wind load must be designed for in all directions.

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