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Types of Concrete Beams and their Reinforcement Details

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Reinforced concrete beams are structural members that support the transverse load which usually rest on supports at its end. Girder is a type of beam that supports one or more smaller beam.

Types of Concrete Beams

Beams are classified as
  1. Simple Beam
  2. Continuous Beam
  3. Semi-Continuous Beam
  4. cantilever beam
  5. T- beam

1. Simple Concrete Beams

Simple concrete beam refers to the beam having a single span supported at its end without a restraint at the support. Simple beam is sometimes called as simply supported beam. Restraint means a rigid connection or anchorage at the support.

Fig: Simply supported beam

2. Continuous Beam

It is a beam that rest on more than two supports. It can be a single beam provided for long span between columns or walls with intermediate supports of smallar beams or a single continuous beam for entire length of the structure with intermediate column or wall supports.

Fig: Continuous beam with reinforcement details

3. Semi-Continuous Beam

Refers to a beam with two spans with or without restraint at the two extreme ends.

Fig: Semi-continuous beam

4. Cantilever Beam

Cantilever beams are supported on one end and the other end projecting beyond the support or wall.

Fig: RCC Cantilever beam reinforcement details

5. T - Beam

When floor slabs and beams. are poured simultaneously  producing a monolithic structure where the portion of the slab at both sides of the beam serves as flanges of the T-Beam. The beam below the slab serves as the web member and is sometime called stem.

Fig: RCC T-beam

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