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Category : Foundation Design

Structural design of foundation, its requirements, calculations and considerations.

Different Types of Machine Foundations and their Uses

Machine foundations are special types of foundations required for machines, machine tools and heavy equipments which have wide range of speeds, loads and operating conditions. These foundations are designed considering the shocks and vibrations (dynamic forces) resulting from operation of ...

Types of Foundation Failures on Soil – Causes and Remedies

There can be different types of foundation failures on soil due to movement and settlement which can cause the building to collapse. Failure of foundation causes different defects in buildings such as cracks leading to failure or collapse. Foundation is ...


DESIGN OF FOOTINGS – IS-456 RECOMMENDATIONS:GENERAL1. In sloped or stepped footings, the effective cross – section in compression shall be limited by the area above the neutral plane, and the angle of slope or depth and location of steps shall ...

Reinforcement Detailing of Isolated Footing

Reinforcement detailing of footing is as much important as site investigation for the structural design of footing. A good detailing reflects the design requirement of the footing for structural stability.A good detailing of reinforcement covers topics like cover to reinforcement ...


Wall footings are pad or spread and strip Footings. The basic purpose of this foundation is to spread the load over a larger area so that the soil is able to withstand the stress, and the safe bearing pressure is ...


The blanket raft foundation is a curst raft constructed on a stone blanket, which is built up in layers on the reduced sub-strata level. The basis of the action and design of the foundation is a composite action ...