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Modulus of Rupture of Concrete Beam

Modulus of rupture is a measure of the tensile strength of concrete beams or slabs. Flexural strength identifies the amount of stress and force an unreinforced concrete slab, beam or other structure can withstand such that it resists any bending ...

Tensile Fabric Structures – Properties, Types and Advantages

Fabric tensile structures is a stretched fabric material  in surface tension formed to a three-dimensional surface that can be used to create a roof, shading, or decorative component by tensioning it to cables and . It is constructed using a specialised fabrics under ...

Short Column Effect in Multi-Storey Buildings

Short column posses high stiffness that attracts most of the force acting on the multi-story building. Inadequate design of short column to sustain these forces will result in damage and shear failure. This behaviour of the short column under excessive ...

What is Slab, Beam, Column, and Footing Construction?

Clearly, buildings are composed of various structure elements such as slabs, beams, columns, and footings. Each of these structural members play certain role in a structure.This article presents various aspects of these structural members for instance their function, types of ...