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How Architectural Features Affect Seismic Resistance of Buildings?

There are several architectural features that critically influence the seismic resistance capacity of structures. Building architectural features include overall shape, size and geometry, in addition to how the earthquake forces are carried to the ground. Each of these ...

Terms and Definitions Used in Earthquake Engineering

There are various terms and definitions used in earthquake engineering. Basic earthquake engineering terms are presented in the following sections. 1. Earthquake It is a transient violent movement of the Earth's surface ...

Factors Influencing Earthquake Resistant Design of Structures

Structures are generally subjected to static and dynamic loads. The former is constant with time while the latter is time-varying. The majority of civil engineering structures are designed with an assumption that all the applied loads are static. ...

Guidelines for Earthquake Resistant Design of Structures

An earthquake is vibration of earth surface by waves emerging from the source of disturbance in the earth by virtue of release of energy in the earth’s crust. It is essentially a sudden and transient motion or series of motions ...