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Portal Frame Design With Example

Civil Engineering

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Portal Frame Design with Example
Design Steps:
1. Design of slabs
2. Preliminary design of beams and columns
3. Analysis
4. Design of beams
5. Design of Columns
6. Design of footings
A portal frame hinged at base has following data:
Spacing of portal frames = 4m
Height of columns = 4m
Distance between column centers = 10m
Live load on roof = 1.5 kN/m2
RCC slab continuous over portal frames. Safe bearing capacity of soil=200 kN/m2
Adopt M-20 grade concrete and Fe-415 steel. Design the slab, portal frame and foundations and sketch the details of reinforcements.
Solution: Data given:
Spacing of frames = 4m
Span of portal frame = 10m
Height of columns = 4m
Live load on roof = 1.5 kN/m2
Concrete: M20 grade
Steel: Fe 415
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