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Types of Joints in Concrete Water Tank Structures and their Spacings

types of Joints in water tank structures

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There are different types of joints which are provided in the reinforced concrete water tank structures for different purposes such as to contain different movements and during construction process. This article presents various types of joints provided in water tanks structures.

Movement joints

Movement joints are introduced to contain relative movements between different types of the structure. This type of joints may not be needed in elevated water tanks since restraints are small. There are three types of movement joints which are discussed below:

1. Contraction Joint

Fig.1: Complete contraction joint

Fig.2: Partial contraction joint

2. Expansion Joint

Fig.3: Expansion joint

3. Sliding Joint

Fig.4:Sliding joint

Construction joints

Fig.5: Construction joint

Temporary joint

Fig.6: Temporary joints

Spacing between joints of water tank structures

Unless alternative effective means are taken to avoid cracks by al lowing for the additional stresses that may be induced by temperature or shrinkage changes or by unequal settlement, movement joints should be provided at the following spacing:
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