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It is a method of method of developing answers at the design stage of an project. The work design approach has ten basics for developing answers, they are:

1. GOAL determination:

Isolating the activity of interest for design, betterment or improvement for knowing why it should be studied is necessary. Knowledge of minimum limitations for the system helps to provide the necessary start.

2. IDEAL system development:

The ideal work system model should be constructed in view of the minimum restrictions .one should always question any restriction and develop an ideal system model even further than was originally envisioned tentative cost calculations can be made to help define the level for which an ideal system is desired.

3. ANALYSIS of work:

The structuring of the ideal system will indicate that many facts are needed to determine whether that many facts are needed to determine whether or not it can be implemented .only the facts necessary for the implementation are gathered .

4. ALTERNATIVE suggestions:

Some of the facts of step 3 will show that some parts of the ideal system cannot be utilized .Alternative suggestions need to be determined, checklist and group action develop many ideas. The ingenuity and imagination of every one to find how the ideal system can be accomplished is needed here.

5. SELECTION of feasible solution:

The best alternatives are selected to help bring the final system as close to the ideal as possible.

6. FORMULATION of the work design:

This involves the expansion of the idea or ideas into operating specifications.

7. REVIEW of the work design:

This step is of special importance when new work is being designed .it is helpful for finding more betterments and improvements by forcing another comparison with the ideal system.

8. TEST the work system and methods:

A test if possible helps iron our possible sources of troubles

9. INSTALL the work system and methods:

Many actions are required to put the new procedures into operations, including training and follow up.

10. PERFORMANCE criteria establishment:

Has the goals have been reached, and what output or operating characteristics can be expected from the new work situation.


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