12 Types of Loads Considered for Design of Bridge Structures

Various types of loads are considered for design of bridge structures. These loads and their combinations decides the safety of the bridge construction during...

Aesthetic Guidelines for Bridge Structures

If bridge structure has aesthetically pleasant appearance, it will contribute the improvement of city and landscape appearances. However, there are cases in which bridge...

Common Causes of Failure of Bridge Structures

Different modes of failures of bridge structures under different stages of load either man-made or natural cause, is necessary to develop strong and highly...

Materials Used for Bridge Construction

Materials Used in Bridge Construction Stones, Timber, Concrete and Steel are the traditional materials that are used to carry out bridge construction. During the initial...

How to Prevent Corrosion of Suspension Bridge Cables?

Corrosion of the cables of suspension bridges is one of the factor causing deterioration of the bridge structure. The causes and prevention of corrosion of suspension bridge cables is discussed.

Effect of Environmental Factors on Foundations for Bridges

Effect of environmental conditions on selection of foundation types for bridges over water such as ship collision, floating ice, earthquakes are discussed.

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