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Bridge Bearings -Types of Bearings for Bridge Structures and Details

Bridge bearings are structural equipment or devices installed between bridge substructure and superstructure to transfer the applied load including earthquake loads; wind loads; traffic loads; and superstructure self-weight.Bridge bearings also makes rooms for relative movements between superstructure and substructure, for ...

Types of Movable Bridges and their Construction Details

Movable bridges are designed and constructed to change its position and occasionally its shapes to permit the passage of vessels and boats in the waterway. This type of bridge is generally cost effective since the utilization of long approaches and ...

Components Parts of a Bridge – Concrete and Steel Bridges Parts and Details

Various components and parts of a bridge such as superstructure, substructure, bearings of concrete and steel bridges, their types, importance, functions are discussed. Basic Components and Parts of Bridge Structures The bridge structure consists of the following components:Superstructure or decking component ...

Performance of Cable Supported Bridges During Earthquakes

Cable supported bridges perform better during earthquakes compared to other types of bridges. There are seismic weak points in cable supported bridges which are likely to become source of damages when the structure experiences an earthquake.It is thought by most bridge ...