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Before a bridge can be built an appropriate method of construction must be chosen. The decision is made by the design team. The principle factors considered by the design team when chosing a suitable method of construction are given below:

  1. The scale of the bridge
  2. The obstacles to be crossed
  3. The regularity of the span lengths
  4. The horizontal and vertical profiles of the bridge decks
  5. The nature of the soil strata
  6. The local weather
  7. The local cost of materials
  8. The local labour market
  9. The accessibility of the site
  10. The time allowed for construction.



Following are the methods of bridge construction:

1.    Cast-in-situ Method of Bridge Construction

2.    Balanced Cantilever Method Of Bridge Construction

3.    Precast Method of Bridge Construction

4.    Span by Span Casting method of Bridge Construction

5.    Incremental Launching Method of Bridge Construction

6.    Cable Stayed Method of Bridge Construction

7.    Arch Method for Bridge Construction