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12 Types of Loads Considered for Design of Bridge Structures

Various types of loads are considered for design of bridge structures. These loads and their combinations decides the safety of the bridge construction during its use under all circumstances. The design loads should be considered properly for perfect design of ...

Methods to Rectify Over Leaned Buildings and Structures

There are number of factors that cause the structure to excessively lean or settle. For example, liquefaction of soil beneath the foundation after earthquake occurrence, excavation, groundwater condition variation, poor soil bearing capacity, inappropriate foundation and construction defects.When a building ...

Aesthetic Guidelines for Bridge Structures

If bridge structure has aesthetically pleasant appearance, it will contribute the improvement of city and landscape appearances. However, there are cases in which bridge structures deteriorates landscape due to its ugly appearances.That is why this article will shed light on ...

Common Causes of Failures of Dam Structures

Dam structures are subjected to horizontal loading from the water head behind, the pressure from the water towards the dam materials, the neighboring geology as well as from the size of the reservoir. These features are unique in the case ...

Common Causes of Failure of Bridge Structures

Different modes of failures of bridge structures under different stages of load either man-made or natural cause, is necessary to develop strong and highly sustainable structures. Cause of Failure of Bridge Structures Bridges are vast and heavy structures whose design is complicated ...

The Four Generations of High Rise Building Construction

The level of high rise construction we see today is a result of series of construction process and development carried throughout years. Initially, it was heavy and sturdy structures, which with time have changed to lightweight structures as we see ...