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Advantages and Disadvantages of Plane Table Survey

Advantages & Disadvantages of Plane Table Survey

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Plane table surveying is a graphical method of surveying in which both the fieldwork and plotting are done simultaneously using a plane table. The main advantage of plane table surveying is that the topographic features to be mapped are in full view.

Fig 1: Plane Table Survey

In this article we discuss the major Advantages & disadvantages of plane table survey.

Advantages of Plane Table Survey

The advantages of use of plane table in surveying are-

  1. It is the most used and suitable method for surveying and preparing small scale maps.
  2. All possible human and machine errors can be eliminated as the surveying and plotting are done simultaneously in the field.
  3. Plane table surveying finds its importance in the places with high magnetic fluctuations where compass survey is not reliable.
  4. As this type of survey does not use the machine, it is less costly than most of the type of surveying techniques.
  5. It is one of the most rapid surveying techniques.
  6. Errors occurring due to mistakes in the field book entry are eliminated.
  7. Contours and other irregular objects may be accurately represented on the map since the tract is in view.
  8. It does not require skilled personal to plot the map.
  9. The errors and mistakes in plotting can be checked by drawing check lines.

Disadvantages of Plane Table Survey

The disadvantages of use of plane table in surveying are-

  1. The process of shifting and re-orienting the plane table from one place to another is very lengthy.
  2. This type of surveying is not feasible in raining and windy areas as the plotting work are done in the field itself.
  3. The plane table and its accessories are heavy and difficult to carry
  4. The accuracy achieved in other types of surveying is higher than the accuracy achieved by plane table surveying.
  5. If the survey is to be re?plotted to a different scale or quantities are to be computed, it is a great inconvenience in the absence of the field notes.
  6. It is not suitable for surveying large areas.
  7. This method of surveying is not suitable in dense forest areas as the trees block the view of other important components of the field.
  8. This method of surveying can only be done in the day time.

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