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The entire coastal belt of the Indian peninsula is considered as an extremely corrosive belt as per the corrosion map prepared by the Corrosion Advisory Bureau, Metal Research Committee, Jamshedpur. Steel and other ferrous metal along the coastline are susceptible to ...

Various Components of Staircase and their Details

There are various components or parts of a staircase which have their own functions. Each components of a staircase and their details is discussed in this article. Various Components or Parts of Staircase and their Details Following are the various components of ...

Career in Construction Management

Construction Management is the practice of managing a construction, totally or in part. Construction managers, salaried or self-employed, plan, coordinate, and direct a wide range of construction projects. They also oversee construction supervisors and workers. Construction managers divide ...

Design Tips for Reinforced Concrete Beams

The stepwise procedure for design of reinforced concrete beam is given here. 1. Reinforced Concrete Beam sections should be designed for: Moment values at the column face (not the value at centre line as per analysis) Shear values at distance ...