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What are the Inland Waterways, its Types, Advantages and Applications?

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Historically, inland waterways have been used for transportation purposes. In certain countries, it is one of the major components of transportation system.

In the article, different types of waterway and along advantages and applications will be discussed.

Fig.1: Types of Inland Waterways

What are the advantages of inland waterways?

What are the types of inland waterways?

There are three major types of inland waterway which are discussed in the following sections:

It is worth mentioning that, the economic commission for Europe established a classification for inland waterway based on the dimension and the load carrying capacity of the vessels. This classification of inland waterways is provided in Table 1.

Table-1: Classification of inland waterways based on the tonnage and dimension of the vessels

Waterways classes Load carrying capacity of vessels in, tones
Class I ? 400
Class II ? 650
Class III ? 1000
Class IV ? 1500
Class V ? 3000
Class VI > 3000

Applications of Inland Waterways

In addition to water navigation, inland waterways can also be used for other applications. The following section will discuss these applications of navigation waterways:

The utilization of inland waterway for purposes other than water transport cause some problems for example when plants are operating at peak rate, then a sudden and powerful force caused by released water would be imposed on the on the canal and canalized river.

This force could lead to serious problems in the inland waterways. So, it is necessary to take necessary measures to prevent the deterioration that may be experienced by the inland waterways while the plant operate at its ultimate rate.

These measures could be mechanical or electrical; an example of the former is disconnecting the connection between guide and runner vanes of Kaplan turbines. An example of the latter case is switching off the generator outlet to water resistance.

These measures cannot eliminate the influence of sudden and effective force that affect the inland waterways but rather decrease the danger on the inland waterways.

Some real examples of inland water ways in the world

There are several strategic inland waterways which are part of transportation systems. For example, Manchester ship canal and Gloucester ship canal in the United Kingdom and Erie Canal as shown in Figure 2.

Fig.2: Inland water ways in the world

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