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Different Types of Base Isolators Used in Buildings

Different types of base isolation techniques are developed one after the other, each prepared for specific seismic conditions and structures. Some of the important base isolation systems used in buildings are elastomeric bearings and friction pendulum bearings. These ...

Flat Plate Floor System – Features and  Advantages

A flat plate floor system is a reinforced concrete frame system with a uniform thickness that is supported directly over the columns or the load-bearing walls. The flat plate floor system is a common floor construction type employed ...

Soak Pit – Need and Functions

A soak pit or a soakaway is a closed porous chamber that is directly connected to a primary treatment unit of residential or commercial building. It serves the function of letting the wastewater coming from the septic tank ...

Difference between Flexible Concrete and Normal Concrete

Flexible or bendable concrete gains ductility property while normal concrete shows the brittle property. This difference of flexible concrete from normal concrete makes it available for large applications due to its efficiency in durability and strength.

Flexible or Bendable Concrete – Composition and Uses

A flexible or bendable concrete is an engineered cementitious composite (ECC) that exhibits the property of ductile material unlike the brittle nature of conventional concrete. The material composition of conventional concrete is altered in order to impart flexible ...