Fasi Ur RahmanVerified

Fasi is a Civil Engineer associated with Tumkur Smart City Project. He is the author, editor and partner at theconstructor.org

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Vinay Jain

As a Civil Engineering Professional, possess more than 15 years’ experience of which International experience of 8 years in gulf in the areas of construction-related Project management. With proven Technical & Civil engineering capabilities, I have managed the operations of various prestigious high-cost construction projects at a number of sites while achieving the best possible quality of work provided.

Madeh Izat HamakareemVerified

Madeh is a Structural Engineer who works as Assistant Lecturer in Koya University. He is the author, editor and partner at theconstructor.org.


I am Enjamamul hoque,from kolkata ,my higst qulification is b.tech in civil engineer

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