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Why do Modern Dams Fail?

Dam failures rarely occur, but when they do, it wreaks havoc into the environment and human life. There are several reasons that contribute to dam failure like overtopping, failure of foundation, erosion, improper maintenance, etc. Modern dams make ...

7 Different Types of Spillways

A spillway is a hydraulic structure built at a dam site for diverting the surplus water from a reservoir after it has been filled to its maximum capacity. Spillways are classified into different types on the basis of ...

Classification of Canals based on Different Factors

A canal is an artificial channel constructed to convey water from rivers, reservoirs, etc. for several purposes like power generation, navigation, irrigation, etc. Canals are classified into different types based on factors such as nature of supply source, functions, type ...

Lacey’s Silt Theory of Canals

Lacey investigated the stability conditions of different alluvial channels and came up with Lacey’s silt theory which explains about the different regime conditions of a channel such as true regime, initial regime, and final regime and the design ...

Roughening Devices and their Types

Roughening devices are installed at the downstream end of the channel and their main function is to dissipate energy from water flow coming on to the downstream bed. Different types of roughening devices generally used are friction blocks, ...

Cistern and its Types

A cistern is an element of canal fall and it is provided on the downstream portion to dissipate the surplus energy of water leaving the crest.  The purpose of a

Factors Affecting Selection of Hydraulic Turbine

The hydraulic turbines or water turbines are important hydraulic machines of the hydropower plant that convert the hydraulic energy into mechanical energy. There are different types of turbines such as a Pelton turbine, Kaplan turbine, Francis turbine, bulb ...