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Factors Affecting Selection of Hydraulic Turbine

The hydraulic turbines or water turbines are important hydraulic machines of the hydropower plant that convert the hydraulic energy into mechanical energy. There are different types of turbines such as a Pelton turbine, Kaplan turbine, Francis turbine, bulb ...

Hydraulic Coefficients of an Orifice

The laboratory experiment procedure to determine hydraulic coefficients of an orifice is explained in this article. The coefficient of contraction, the coefficient of velocity and coefficient of discharge are hydraulic coefficients of an orifice.Theory

Reynolds Experiment

The procedure for conducting laboratory experiment to find critical Reynolds number for a pipe flow in different discharge conditions is explained in this article.Reynolds number is the ratio of the inertial force of flowing ...

Experimental Verification of Bernoulli’s Theorem

The procedure of Laboratory experiment to verify Bernoulli’s theorem, required apparatus and calculations to be done are explained in this article.Bernoulli’s theorem states - For a continuous, steady and frictionless flow the total head ...


PROPERTIES OF FLUID 1. DENSITY OR MASS DENSITY Density or mass density of a fluid is defined as the ratio of the mass of a fluid to its volume. Thus mass per unit volume of a fluid is ...