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11 Properties of Ceramic Tile Flooring for use in Buildings

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Ceramic tiles are commonly used flooring material for all types of buildings such as residential, commercial or public buildings. Ceramic tiles come with a lot of benefits that make it a widely used flooring material for different buildings. Ceramic tiles are available in various designs, colors, finishes which can be used to create unique walls and floor designs.

11 Properties of Ceramic Tile Flooring for use in Buildings

Ceramic Tile Flooring

1. High Strength

Ceramic floors are extremely strong. They have breaking strength of about 350 to 400 kg/cm2, while mosaic floors have about 100 to 150 kg/cm2.

2. Stain Free

Ceramic floors are the easiest to clean and maintain. It is also stain-free and resistant to alkalies and acids.

3. Scratch Resistance

Ceramic tiles have a high abrasion resistance and their hardness is about 6-7 on the Mohs scale. This means that even hard materials with sharp edges can’t leave many scratches on the surface.

4. Light Weight

Ceramic floors weigh one-third of mosaic and are just 7.5mm thick. This makes it lightweight and requires much thinner floor bedding than mosaic flooring resulting in substantial cost saving.

5. Easy Washing

Ceramic floors have very low water absorption and are very easy to clean. Ceramic floors being electrostatically neutral do not attract dust while mosaic being electrostatically charged attracts dust.

6. Bacteria Free

Ceramic floors are bacteria free as no bacteria can grow on it. This is an excellent material for hospitals, operation theaters, industrial kitchens, deep freeze godowns etc.

7. Insulation

Ceramic tiles are very good insulators. Moreover, the specific heat is about 0.12 and this improves the efficiency of air-conditioning significantly.

8. Fireproof

Ceramic tiles are fired at 1900oC and are highly fireproof.

9. Acoustics

Ceramic tile has a very high acoustic damping factor which helps in the elimination of echoes and, therefore, is considered ideal for auditoriums and big halls.

10. Easy to lay and ready to live-in

It is easy to lay and ready for use in a matter of 48 hours after laying. This tile is available in many shades.

11. Anti-slip

Ceramic tiles are salt glazed and are anti-slip and non-skid.

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