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Checklist for Masonry Wall Construction

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The checklist in masonry wall construction is prepared to ensure that the masonry projects are constructed according to the higher standards. This is carried out by providing proper assistance for undergoing the review processes at the site. The in-charge of inspecting the masonry work at the site is supposed to prepare the masonry wall construction checklist. The checklist of item is also provided to the mason to review his work frequently so that the quality of work is assured from his side also. The method of checklist preparation in masonry work ensures the confirmation of standards not only for the masonry work but also the workmanship standards.

How to Prepare Masonry Wall Construction Checklist?

Now masonry checklist, in general, will consist of three columns as shown in the figure-1. The first column is for specifying the Item and the Work. The second column is for specifying the details of the respective work. The third column is remarks or comments. This column designation will vary based on the specific requirements of the project item. The figure-1 below is an example of Masonry checklist that is prepared for the inspection purpose.

Fig.1. An Example for Masonry Inspection Checklist

Details Required in Checklist for Masonry Wall Construction

So as a summary, the masonry checklist incorporates the following essentials: Read More: Brick Masonry Terms and Definitions What is an Arch? Different Components of an Arch Types of Earthquake Resistant Masonry Walls Construction What is Foundation in Construction? Purpose and the Functions of Foundations Design of Masonry Structures for Accidental Damage -Types of Accidental Loads
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