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18 Types of Fixtures and Fastenings for Doors and Windows

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Fixtures and fastenings are provided for doors and windows to provide operating facilities, security for rooms and ease of opening and closing etc. Different types of fixtures and fastenings such as, hinges, bolts, handles, locks are available.

Types of Fixtures and Fastenings for Doors and Windows


Hinge is fixture which helps the door to rotate freely along its axis. There are so many types of hinges are there which are as follows.

1. Butt Hinge

This is the most common type of hinge used for doors and windows. It has two flanges made of cast iron or steel. One flange is screwed to the door or window and other one screwed to frame.

2. Back Flap Hinge

This are similar to butt hinges and used for thin doors. Back flap hinges have wide flanges than butt hinges. They are fixed to the back side of door and frame.

3. Counter Flap Hinge

This hinge has two centers, and these can be folded back to back.

4. Parliamentary Hinge

When the opening is very small or narrow, then it is better to provide parliamentary hinges to provide more space of opening as well as to avoid obstruction while moving furniture etc.

5. Spring Hinge

Spring hinges are used for swinging doors. The door is closed automatically due to spring action in this case. Spring hinges are available as single acting and double acting spring hinges.

6. Rising Butt Hinge

It is similar to normal butt joint, but it has helical nickel joint in between flanges which helps the door to raise vertically upwards when opened. This is useful for the rooms having carpets etc. the raise may be about 10mm.

7. Garnet Hinge

It has Tw different shaped hinges. One is of long arm shaped which is fixed to the door and another is of plate shaped which is fixed to the frame. This type of hinge is used for battened or ledged doors.

8. Strap Hinge

It is also used for battened and ledged doors and windows. It has two long arm shaped flanges.

9. Pin Hinge

This type of hinge consist two flanges which are joined by pin. If the pin is removed then we can separate the flanges. This is generally used for heavy doors. Two flanges are separately fixed to the door and frame.

10. Nar-Madi Hinge

This is also used for heavy doors, but it consists only one flange which is fixed to the door. Pin is fixed to the frame to which flange is attached whenever is needed.


Door or window bolts are used to provide security for the rooms. Different types of bolts are described below.

11. Hook and Eye Type Bolts

This type of bolt is used to keep the windows shutter in required position when it is opened. Hook is fixed to the shutter frame and eye is fixed to the window rail.

12. Flush Bolt

In case of flush bolt the bolt flush is desired to keep with the face of the door.

13. Aldrop Bolt

Aldrop bolt is olden type and most common type bolt. To lock this bolt pad locks are used.

14. Barrel Bolt

To fix the back faces of doors barrel bolts are used. It contains socket and plate, socket is fixed to the frame and plate is fixed to the back face of door.

15. Espagnalette Bolt

This is used for highly secured doors and casement windows which cannot be reached easily.

16. Hasp and Staple Bolt

This is also locked by using pad lock as aldrop bolt. Hasp is fixed to the door or window while staple is fixed to frame.

17. Handles

Handles are used to open or close the door or windows. There are many types of handles are available. Some of them are Bow type, Lever handle, Door handle, Wardrobe handle Etc.

18. Locks

Locks used for doors and windows are many types and some of them are padlock, mortise lock, rim lock, cupboard lock and lever handle lock etc.
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