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OPEN SPACE REQUIREMENTS (Table 3) Open air space for ventilation. Every room intended for human habitation should abut an interior or exterior opening air space of the width r dimensions specified below.
Where height of building above plinth adjoining the open air space does not exceed Minimum width of open air space throughout
5 m 3.0 m
6 m 3.0 m
9 m 3.9 m
12 m 4.8 m
15 m 5.7 m
18 m 6.6 m
21 m 7.5 m


Front open space: every building should have a front yard of minimum width of 3m and in case of two or more sides a width of an average of 3 m but in no case it shall be less than 1.8 m. Such a yard shall form an inseparable part of the site. Rear open space: Every residential building shall have a yard of an average width of 4.5 m and at no place the yard measuring less than 3 m as an inseparable part of the building, except in the case of back to back sites where the width of the yard could be reduced to 3m provided no erection, re-erection or material alteration of the building shall be undertaken, if at common plot line straight lines drawn downwards and outwards from the line of intersection of the outer surface of any rear wall of the building with the roof perpendicular to that line form an angle of more than 63.5 degree to the horizontal. Side open space: every residential building may have a permanently open air space not less than 1m in width on one of its sides other than its front and rear and such side open space shall form an inseparable part of the site. In case, side open air space is to be used for ventilation, it shall be in accordance with the requirements mentioned in the previous paragraph. In case, the side open space abuts a road, the width shall not be less than 3m.


The front, rear and side yards, widths and the rules governing those shall be laid down by the authority in each case. The rules applicable to residential buildings with regard to front open space, rear open space and the side open space and the angle 45 and 63.5 degree governing erection, re-erection or material alteration of a residential building sall also be applicable to business and industrial buildings, provided, however that the local authority may prescribe the front and rear open spaces as required.
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