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Three Phases of Building materials:

A material’s life cycle can be organized into three phases:

These three life-cycle phases relate to the flow of materials through the life of the building. The evaluation of building materials’ environmental impact at each stage allows for a cost-benefit analysis over the lifetime of a building, rather than simply an accounting of initial construction costs.

Flowchart 3: Phases of building materials

Select sustainable construction materials and products by evaluating several characteristics such as

Such products promote resource conservation and efficiency. Use dimensional planning and other material efficiency strategies. These strategies reduce the amount of building materials needed and cut construction costs.   For example, design rooms on 4-foot multiples to conform to standard-sized wallboard and plywood sheets.

Reuse and recycle construction and demolition materials.  For example, using inert demolition materials as a base course for a parking lot keeps materials out of landfills and costs less. Require plans for managing materials through deconstruction, demolition, and construction. Design with adequate space to facilitate recycling collection and to incorporate a solid waste management program that prevents waste generation.

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