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Types of Rolling Shutter Doors

Types of Rolling Shutter Doors

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Rolling shutters are one of the most common types of doors where the large size of openings, safety, protection against fire and theft is a concern. The rolling shutter is made from heavy steel strips interlocked and hinged for maximum strength. These shutters are fixed with coiled springs for smooth operation. Rolling shutters give complete protection and high resistance power against wind, rain, and burglary.

The rolling shutter doors are classified based on materials, operations of the shutter, application, etc.

Types of Rolling Shutter Based on Material

1. M.S. Rolling Shutter

M.S. rolling shutters are fabricated using high-quality steel rods, which are easy to install and weather resistant. These shutters can be integrated with grills or perforated panels to achieve ventilation or see-through vision. M.S roller shutter is a cost-effective solution, prevents rusting, and has a long lifespan.

Figure 1: M.S Rolling Shutter

2. Aluminum Rolling Shutter

Aluminum rolling shutter is designed with extruded aluminum section & fabricated using superior grade aluminum, which are available in both double wall and single wall with insulation. 

These roller shutters are light in weight, corrosion-free, and give a good aesthetic appearance. It has better corrosion resistance, highly durable, good strength, noise-free operation, less maintenance, and increased privacy.

Figure 2: Aluminum Rolling Shutter

3. Polycarbonate or Transparent Rolling Shutter

A transparent rolling shutter provides an aesthetic transparency throughout the area wherein visibility and ventilation can be achieved from both side of the premise when the shutters are lowered. These types of shutters are transparent, lightweight, and durable. The only drawback of these types of shutters is their higher cost.

Figure 3: Polycarbonate or Transparent Rolling Shutter

Types of Rolling Shutter based on Operation of Shutter

 1. Automatic Rolling Shutter

The automatic rolling shutter is generally a power drive with an electric motor and gearbox. The automatic rolling shutters are made up of M.S., aluminum, galvanized steel, stainless steel. These types of shutters are very economical structures and devices for hassle-free opening and closing of shutters.

The automatic rolling shutters are suitable for garage doors & industrial uses, which are extremely durable, easy to maintain, and can be used when the opening's area is more than 10 sqm. They can also be manually released in case of power failure.

Figure 4: Automatic-Rolling-Shutter

2. Push-Pull Rolling Shutter

Push-Pull rolling shutters are preferred where the opening area is less than 10 sqm. 

Figure 5: Push-Pull Rolling Shutter

3. Mechanical Gear Type

When the opening area is greater than 10 sqm, mechanical gear type shutters are used which is operated by reduction gear, connecting rod, and winding handle or chain of pulley blocks. It is durable and easy to maintain.

Types of Rolling Shutter Based on their Application

1. Grill Rolling Shutter

Grill rolling shutter is built of aluminum alloy, or steel links of 0.9mm thickness assembled on rods. The grill is made of 8mm diameter mild steel or aluminum alloy round bars. These rolling shutter types are used where protection and safety, visibility, and ventilation are also desired.

Grill Rolling Shutter gives economical option of providing a secure closure to large or small openings. These types of shutters are used for shops, commercial places, power generator rooms, and transformer rooms.

Figure 6: Grill Rolling Shutter

2. Industrial Rolling Shutter

The industrial rolling shutter is commonly used in the harsh environment and has very large sizes. It is made from metal, aluminum, and steel. The industrial rolling shutter can be mechanically gear operated push-pull type, etc.

Figure 7: Industrial Rolling Shutter

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